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For iPhone, Android, and Desktop


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Just connect to the internet on your phone or computer, and start using immediately! All that’s necessary to add and save data is creating a simple account.


Use your own feedstocks to develop a realistic recipe, save your data and results to access them later. You can also use our crowd-sourced database!


10 feedstocks and 10 recipes free of charge.


Step Up Your Game

  • Analyze

    For more accurate results, send your feedstocks to a STA Compost-certified laboratory and use your own results to develop your recipe.

  • Calculate

    Using your own feedstocks or those from the database, create your own custom recipe and see what proportions you will need to start.

  • Test

    Make a test batch, note any changes to the recipe, monitor the progress of your pile, and adjust your recipe as needed.

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Phone views and desktop view.


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